MFEprimer Web Server 4.0 #

The MFEprimer Web Server version 4.0 serves as a comprehensive platform for PCR primer quality control and design tools. We have recently launched a new feature, the MP2, which is a multiplex PCR primer design tool. Additionally, we are developing a primer design project aimed at diverse genomes. Below is a detailed list of our tools:

Quality Control Tools #

  • Specificity Check: This tool allows for the verification of primer specificity across multiple background databases, ensuring minimal off-target effects. Try it here. (Enhancement: Supports multiple background databases.)
  • Dimer Check: Assess your primers for potential dimer formations, which can inhibit PCR performance. Try it here.
  • Hairpin Check: Evaluate primers for hairpin structures that can negatively impact PCR efficiency. Try it here.
  • Coverage Analysis for Microbes: This new addition assesses how effectively a pair of primers can amplify various strains of a species, crucial for tracking the evolution of pathogens like SARS-CoV-2. Try it here. (New Feature: Offers insights into primer coverage across different strains.)

Primer Design Tools #

  • MP2: Our enhanced multiplex PCR primer design tool accommodates a wide range of applications, streamlining the design process for complex PCR setups. Learn more.
  • (In Progress) Multiplex PCR Primer Design for Diverse Genomes: This upcoming tool is being developed to facilitate the design of multiplex PCR primers across a variety of genomes, expanding the scope of genomic studies. Coming soon.

The MFEprimer Web Server 4.0 is dedicated to advancing PCR primer design and quality control, providing researchers with robust tools to enhance their experiments. Stay tuned for further updates and tool releases.