How To Get Chromosome Position Given Rs Number?

February 27, 2021
Primer Design, Multiplex PCR, Bioinformatics, SNP

Introduction # We have a list of SNP rs numbers, like: rs1002315756 rs1003815568 rs1004109382 rs1004635980 rs1008829651 And we want the genome positions for each SNPS, the results should like: #chrom chromStart chromEnd name ref altCount alts shiftBases freqSourceCount minorAlleleFreq majorAllele minorAllele maxFuncImpact class ucscNotes _dataOffset _dataLen chr1 51453 51454 rs1004109382 C 1 T, 0 0 0 snv rareSome,rareAll, 409400514 36 chr1 51594 51599 rs1004635980 GGGGG 1 GGGG, 4 12 -inf,-inf,0. ...